What is Crystal Healing? How does it work?

Hi everyone! Happy Vibes! So, in this blog and vlog, I'll be showing you what Crystal Healing is all about. Everyone gets his or her chakras out of balance or partially closed simply from trying to live in this modern, fast-paced life these days. Blocked energy within our seven chakras can often lead to illness or negative energy, so it’s important to keep the positive energy flowing freely. Crystal Healing is when it comes in. Part of Crystal Healing focuses on the seven main chakras, which are centers of spiritual power or wheels of energy that flow through the body. Each chakra is associated with a color and has a physical & emotional aspect tied to it. In addition, they connect you with a larger part of yourself and the universe that holds the secrets of your unique self, your unique soul. When you get to do a Chakra Healing Session (check out and book a session with me), each of your chakras are aligned, balanced and cleansed. You will feel energized and centered. And now to this cute, informative and short video about What is Crystal Healing and how does it really work?

All in short, alignment or energy clearing is quite important, as it is part of your energetic self. It can be done with particular crystals & stones, depending on the client's needs, preferences or what Spirit (like Shamanism) shares. It won’t only heal your chakras and energy wellness, but will also make everyday life a little less stressful!

With what is going on these days, this would be beneficial. I wish everyone be well and get well (considering covid-19), staying home, and sharing with everyone love.

Happy Vibes!


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