Tidbit Blog: What Are Crystals?

Hello! Happy Vibes! Welcome, today's focus is on a simple question: What are crystals? Or stones, rocks, etc... Well, crystals are natural solids made from minerals and are formed in the Earth's surface. Even though there are many different shapes, colors, and sizes, each type of crystal has a specific atomic arrangement.

By the way, do we just call all crystals, crystals? What about rock or stones? You can check out this awesome blog written: What do we call 'em - Crystals, Rocks, Stones? Can Crystals Heal you? and you'll find more information types of stones and rock, such as sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic type of rocks.

Crystals can be identified by their color, although within one type of crystal there may be several color variations. Here's a picture borrowed from

They can also be measured by their degree of hardness, Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness.

Here's an example below (borrowed from with 10 common minerals/gemstones:

How do crystals work (for when it comes to using them for healing or other purposes)? There are various explanations for the healing effects of crystals: mystical, magickal, and scientific. Common ones for the healing effect of crystals involve heat, electricity, and focusing energy. Scientifically, there are two explanations: piezoelectric effect (crystal's ability to generate a voltage in response to mechanical stress, such as pressure) and pyroelectric effect (crystal's ability to generate an electrical potential in response in temperature change, such as heat).

Science is still researching on crystal healing and its benefits, but until fully proven the placebo effect (in which something has a healing effect because the recipient believes that it will) and magick are considered for the beneficial effects of crystals.

So what do you think, other than scientifically, what can these great stones offer us? Anyone out there with a favorite stone? or 2 or more? I know I've got a few favorites crystals and stones. Here's a short fun blog read of My Favorite Crystals & Stones and Using them in Crystal Grids.

Alrighty, y'all have a wonderful day, till next time! Happy Vibes!


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