My Favorite Crystals & Stones And Using Them In Crystal Grids. Wait, Wait... What’s A Crystal Grid?

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

I’m excited to show you some of my favorite crystals and stones. After I show you a few, there was a crystal grid layout I got for myself setup for past weekend. It was a fun and challenging weekend as I’m did the 48 hour film project out of Albuquerque. Wait, wait... what's a crystal grid? In a very short, short version: a geometric pattern laid out with crystals. That's not all, really. More clarity and information will be explained as you read further along up ahead. Okie dokie, here we go...

Ooh, so what I’m gonna do is called the Focus Grid, for mental clarity, intelligence, and alertness. And now to find all the crystals, stones, and other materials. You can see from my collection (re-organization in process, hence the pile seen in the picture below), I'll gather the stones needed to create my crystal grid. I’ll briefly show you how mine is done, then offer you ways to come up with your own versions of a crystal grid. And, oh, I would love to see yours!

Anyhoo, here’s my top 7 favorites these days as I found through the pile and around the home. Although, there are other wonderful crystals and stones, but more about those later. For now, Here's my list along with what the stones are often or best known for:

1. Amethyst - stone of spiritual protection and purification, cleansing one's energy field of negative influences and attachments, and creating a resonant shield around the body.

2. Black Tourmaline - also known as Schorl, a talisman of protection, a psychic shield deflecting negative energies or entities. It also cleanse, purify, and transform dense energy into a lighter vibration. Great for grounding.

3. Smokey Quartz - is one of the most efficient crystals for grounding, balancing, and cleansing. It's also a great stone of psychic protection, as well as protecting you from negativity and transmute the energy, by grounding it back into the earth.

4. Citrine - one of the most used for Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy with its natural radiance yellow- gold energy that activates, open, and energizes the Solar Plexus/Navel Chakra. It helps direct personal power, creativity, and intelligent choices. A great manifestation stone.

5. Garnet - a great self-empowerment stone and of strength and safety. It's a deeply spiritual stone and of higher thinking. It also is considered a stone of prosperity and abundance, encouraging gratitude and service to others. This also associates with several Chakras, such as the Heart Chakra.

6. Hematite - it helps absorb negative energy and calms in times of stress or worry. It's a very protective stone and helps you stay grounded. This is also good with the Root Chakra, helping to transform negative energies into a more positive vibration. Perfect for eliminating stress and anxiety from the body and is infused with an abundance of grounding properties.

7. Pyrite - a very protective stone, shielding users from negative energy of all kinds. It blocks energy leaks and mends auric tears. Also known for its ultimate symbol of wealth and good luck. Derived from the Greek pyr or pyros, meaning "fire" and imparts strength, sharp focus, and a desire for action - determination and persistence.

With some of these favorites, I use them in various settings around the home in decoration, for rituals, and crystal healing. As I mentioned at the beginning, using crystal grids with my favorite crystals & stones, but not just with favorites. Other stones with intentions behind what you wish to do, can be of great benefit. I would use crystal grids as a part of a ritual, to help achieve intentions I desire. It’s no different than some people who pray or meditate, just another form of communicating thoughts and wishes.

Let’s start with 'What Is A Crystal Grid?' Well, it’s a pattern, created using multiple crystals & stones, that’s designed to amplify your intentions. The crystals & stones used in the grid are not random but are carefully chosen to create a harmonic relationship between the energies, shapes and colors of each crystal. The design is usually based on Sacred Geometry and the basic patterns of life. Here is one example, among several: Seed of Life pattern.

Seed of Life pattern
Seed of Life pattern

Crystal grids can be designed and used for any purposes. When the crystals & stones are placed arranged by a particular geometric design, their energies are combined, amplified, and supported. Therefore, your intentions and specific needs can become focused and grows.

Hey, sacred geometry is awesome. The universe is infinitely complex and exceedingly simple at the same time. Everything in existence is composed of energy and matter that is built on a few fundamental design elements. There are several basic shapes and patterns of life that repeat in a seemingly endless combination of circles, squares and triangles that produce spheres, cubes, tetrahedrons and other 3-D forms. These patterns can be found on a large spectrum from molecular lattices to celestial galaxies. Like for example, see below: Bee's honeycomb...

One more thing, before I show you my crystal grid. Placing your crystals meets more to it than the eye, as there are 3 different crystal positions to fill on a grid:

  • Focus Stone, most often in the center of the grid - channeling and gathering creative powers from the Universe

  • Way stone, usually leading from Focus Stone - creates pathways towards your end results

  • Desire Stone, usually arranged on the outer edges of your grid - with your intentions or desires

Alrighty, here’s my Focus Grid! This simple, yet powerful shape, is a Square. Square, you say? Yes! It’s one of the most powerful shapes in sacred geometry, with four sides of equal parts, the Square is symbolic of physical boundaries. The squares are also well-known for and associated with the 4 seasons (summer, fall, winter, spring), the 4 directions (north, south, east, west), and the 4 elements of Earth (Earth, Water, Air, Fire).

With my Focus Grid, it’s intended to inspire mental clarity and alertness. I used the 3 main crystals & stones types:

  • Focus Stones - Blue Lace Agate

  • Way Stones - Citrine

  • Desire Stones -Carnelian

I’ve also enhanced it with Clear Quartz crystals, in which will balance and intensify the grid. You’ll also see that I’ve added cactus flowers & sea shells (add your own flair, make it personal, make it you) as their colors are so vibrant and would connect well working with nature (and the inner child in you).

I generally use this square shape to help set and maintain personal boundaries, inspire a sense of safety and protection, building on goals and dreams, improving self-confidence, and enhancing feelings of stability and security. You can, too!

There now, you’ve seen some of my favorite stones and my Focus Crystal Grid to help me achieve focus and success in this past weekend’s film project! And I actually did complete and submit on time! A first after the last 3 attempts. Yay!!! Happy Mama, here.

Oh, hey, have you heard of ‘entrainment’ with crystals? Well, in my next blog, that’s what’s up next along with a Quartz exercise. Fun, I promise! Look forward to it!

Happy Vibes!


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